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Secured Shopping with Flexible Assembly

As you can see to the bottom right of your screen; you will notice the "Norton Secured" seal. The seal represents our protection provided by Symantec, which protects us from malicious attacks, phishing, and identify theft. Daily scans are done to ensure security across the Flexible Assembly website. If you were to click the seal now, you will get a popup signifying that the Flexible Assembly website is secure.

Secured Checkout with Flexible Assembly

To fight against fraud and theft activities, Flexible Assembly has taken certain precautions into consideration. As you're processing your order with us, data is being collected to verify if your name, card data, and location can be confirmed. This measure protects you from fraud, and also prevents the same fraudster from attempting to make more fraudulent orders. Every now and then, we will have "false positives"; should your order cancel and you're unsure why - give us a call or email us with your order number.

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