Atlas Copco EBL Electric Screwdriver CategoryEBL03-Q-RE

Cutting-edge ergonomics and the latest technology: Atlas Copco?s EBL screwdriver is setting new standards for electric low torque screwdrivers. The brushless motor will still be performing long after its traditionally powered competitors have literally burnt out. The unique patented ergonomics provide unrivalled operator comfort. The combination of the two ensures increased productivity making the EBL the smart choice for demanding low torque operations.

The features of any assembly tool only become meaningful if they translate into benefits on the production line. The EBL is designed to deliver, with each feature contributing to increased productivity, making it the low torque screwdriver of choice for Managers, Buyers and Supervisors.
  • Brushless motor delivering world class durability
  • Unrivalled ergonomic design
  • Configurable push or lever start
  • Reporting and batch count capability
  • Unique nontamper torque setting
  • Soft stop version protects sensitive electronics
  • Ready for suction attachment
- EBL 45 and EBL 25-1500 to be used with EBL Drive Plus.
- All tool models, drives and cables are ESD and UL certified.
- Tool box include cable for drive connection (standard models with 5 pins cable and reporting models with 6 pins cable). For all models in the table declared noise and vibration emissions according to ISO 15744 and ISO 28927-2 are: sound pressure level <70 dB(A) and vibrations <2.5 m/s2.

Inline Electric Screwdriver


Technical Specifications:

Drive Type 1/4" Hex
Free Speed 870 RPM
Length In
Length 185 mm
Max Air Consumption
Air Inlet (NPT)
Min Torque ft lb
Max Torque ft lb
Min Torque 0.4 in lb
Max Torque 2.7 in lb
Min Torque in oz
Max Torque in oz
Min Torque kgf cm
Max Torque kgf cm
Capacity lbs
Min Reach in
Max Reach in
Min Torque 0.0005 Nm
Max Torque 0.003 Nm
Maximum Reach In
Maximum Reach mm
Power Source
Battery Model
Shank Size
Sound Level
Clutch Type Auto Shut Off
Trigger Type Configurable
Vertical Travel Ft
Vertical Travel mm
Weight .7 lb
Square Drive
Manufacturer Atlas Copco
Bolt Size (mm)
Impact Per Minute
Min Torque (mf Cm)
Max Torque (mf Cm)
Head Width (In)
Head Depth (In)
Drive Size (In)
Graduations (In Lb)
Graduations (Ft Lb)
Graduations (In Oz)
Graduations (mKg)
Graduations (cmKg)
Graduations (Nm)
Current (V)
Electric Charge (Ah)
Charge Time (min)
Min Rated Capacity (Ft Lb)
Max Rated Capacity (Ft Lb)
Min Rated Capacity (Nm)
Max Rated Capacity (Nm)
Drive (Ø)
Min Rated Capacity (In Lb)
Max Rated Capacity (In Lb)
Max Rated Capacity (Ncm)
Min Rated Capacity (Ncm)
Input Drive (In)
Output Drive (In)
Min Torque Ncm
Max Torque Ncm
Weight lbs
Weight kg
Max Free Speed 870 rpm
Width mm
Drive Type
Power Cord
Screw Size
Bowl Cap
Torque Range cNm
Overload Protection
ESD Compliant
Manufacturer Part Number 8431 0170 06
Stock Code B
Our Price: Call For Price

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