Fanuc Robotics | M-3iA

FANUC Robot M-3iA is a 6kg payload high speed picking and assembly robot. The exclusive 6 axes type of parallel link robot expanded robotization of transferring and assembling application.

  • Two models are available to meet a variety of applications.- 
-FANUC Robot M-3iA/6S Total 4 axes robot including single axis rotation at wrist. This model is suitable for high speed picking of plenty of work pieces on the conveyor.
-FANUC Robot M-3iA/6A Total 6 axes robot including three rotation axes at wrist. This model can change wrist direction freely and suitable for assembling application.
  • IP67 of enclosed mechanical unit realized reliable water and dust proof ability.
  • Food adaptation option is available that adopts suitable material, high durability surface treatment and food grade lubricant. It will progress robotization of food market.
  • The latest intelligent functions can be applied using vision sensor or force sensor.
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