Torque MultiplierTM-392

Williams TM-392

Torque Multiplier 2200 Ft-Lb

We offer a comprehensive range of reaction bar torque multipliers. The Hydratight Sweeney 390 series requires a low input torque and needle bearings for high efficency, they have an embedded overload protection through sharable output drives (a replacement is supplied with the multiplier), and they have an angle of turn protractor. The 392 and 393 multiplier are packaged in a sturdy carrying case.

Output Capacity      2,200 Ft Lbs (2983Nm)  
Input Capacity        162 Ft Lbs (220 Nm)
Torque Ratio          13:6:1
Input SQ Drive        1/2”
Output SQ Drive      1”
Accuracy                 +/- 5%
Overload Protection  Yes
Anti Backlash           Yes
Head Diameter        4.06” (103mm)
Height                    5.75” (146mm)
Length                   19.6” (498mm)
Weight                   15.2 Lbs (6.9 Kg)
*Note : When selecting a torque multiplier, sufficient torque should be allowed to break out bolts. We suggest 2x tightening torque.

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Torque Multiplier 2200 Ft-Lb

Technical Specifications:

Drive Type
Free Speed RPM
Length In
Length mm
Max Air Consumption
Air Inlet (NPT)
Min Torque ft lb
Max Torque ft lb
Min Torque in lb
Max Torque in lb
Min Torque in oz
Max Torque in oz
Min Torque kgf cm
Max Torque kgf cm
Capacity lbs
Min Reach in
Max Reach in
Min Torque Nm
Max Torque Nm
Maximum Reach In
Maximum Reach mm
Power Source
Battery Model
Shank Size
Sound Level
Clutch Type
Trigger Type
Vertical Travel Ft
Vertical Travel mm
Square Drive
Manufacturer Williams
Bolt Size (mm)
Impact Per Minute
Min Torque (mf Cm)
Max Torque (mf Cm)
Head Width (In)
Head Depth (In)
Drive Size (In)
Graduations (In Lb)
Graduations (Ft Lb)
Graduations (In Oz)
Graduations (mKg)
Graduations (cmKg)
Graduations (Nm)
Current (V)
Electric Charge (Ah)
Charge Time (min)
Min Rated Capacity (Ft Lb)
Max Rated Capacity (Ft Lb)
Min Rated Capacity (Nm)
Max Rated Capacity (Nm)
Drive (Ø)
Min Rated Capacity (In Lb)
Max Rated Capacity (In Lb)
Max Rated Capacity (Ncm)
Min Rated Capacity (Ncm)
Input Drive (In)
Output Drive (In)
Min Torque Ncm
Max Torque Ncm
Weight 20.56 lbs
Weight kg
Max Free Speed rpm
Width mm
Drive Type
Power Cord
Screw Size
Bowl Cap
Torque Range cNm
Overload Protection
ESD Compliant
Wrench Type
Manufacturer Part Number TM-392
Stock Code A
Max Speed
Test Space
Capacity lbs
Throat Depth
Maximum Reach in.
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