URYU Air Tool Products | UAN Series

  • High power to weight ratio for higher productivity
  • Wide variety of speeds and torque ranges to match your application
  • Easily adjusts to forward or reverse rotation with smooth rolling selector
  • Torque adjusts from outside of tool with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Delivers minimal torque reaction with instant shut-off
  • Light weight
  • Low noise levels with exhaust located at rear of tool
  • Fewer parts and higher reliability than previous models
  • Easily lubricate the angle head bevel gears without disassembling the tool with grease-cock feature
  • ISO 5393 testing reveals a 6-sigma combined capability of less than 20% on all models
  • Mechanical clutch offers precise torque control regardless of joint rate *Provides greater precision, especially on hard joints, with low inertia design
  • High power allows for torque repeatability on soft joints and prevailing torque applications
  • A Poka-Yoke option is available for bolt counting or error-proofing (Use in conjunction with UTM-1100 fastener counter)
  • Recommended Air Pressure: 85 psi
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