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Impact Series Air Screwdriver
Impact Series Air Screwdriver
1 Series Air Screwdriver
Uryu Series Air Screwdriver
1 Series Air Screwdriver
Uryu Series Air Screwdriver

Why go with an air screwdriver?
Air Screwdrivers (Also known as “Pneumatic Screwdrivers”) have proven reliability and can withstand to some of the most demanding manufacturing environments. An Air Screwdriver can achieve a higher RPM, higher torque range, and longer life than any electric screwdriver or cordless screwdriver you’ll find available.

What are important features to help me choose the correct Air Screwdriver?

Large Variety: We offer air screwdrivers from 1.5 In Lb to 264.0 In Lbs of torque range. With that amount of torque range coverage, we can get you the right air screwdriver for your needs.

High Accuracy: You’re going to need good torque accuracy to avoid damage to the final product. You’ll have no problem selecting an air screwdriver that has accuracy to within +/- 5%.

Quality: Our air screwdriver selection includes a standard 1 year warranty with some models offering up to 3-5 years of warranty coverage on the clutch.

Lowest Price: Flexible Assembly offers the lowest price on our torque testers. You’ll find one of our high quality models at below $250.


How do I select the right air screwdriver for my application?
You’ll first need to know the target torque of your application. You’ll notice that our air screwdrivers fall into different ‘series’ groupings, with each series containing the same general product, with a different torque range. If you’re trying to size the correct air screwdriver, please note the manufacturer’s specifications.

Example: Your torque fastening application requires a torque of 10.0 In Lbs. A smart choice would be our Ingersoll-Rand air screwdriver model 1RPNS1 tool which has a torque range of between 1.5 – 30.0 In Lb.


What other accessories do I need?
Flexible Assembly offers all the tool balancers, torque reaction arms, spiral hose / air tubing, and Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) units you’ll need to get your tools up and running


When should I send my air screwdriver into Flexible for in-house calibration?
If your tool needs repair or ongoing maintenance to maintain high accuracy or your tool needs NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certification, then in-house torque calibration may be the better option. If so, feel free to visit our Tool Service and Calibration page for instructions on how to do things in-house.


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