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Flexible Assembly Launches First-In-Class Light-Assembly Geared Website

San Francisco, CA, April 10, 2009 -- Flexible Assembly Systems, a licensed distributor for Ingersoll-Rand, AIMCO, CDI, and Makita tools, as well as Fanuc robotic systems, has launched a new full-featured e-commerce website specifically geared toward light-assembly. The website,, focuses on providing simple solutions to manufacturing firms.

Previously, when manufacturing companies searched for electric screwdrivers, torque wrenches, or material handling devices, they relied on old websites, or a specific distributor for part numbers and pricing information. "Our customers have asked for an easy, real time, and cost-effective way to find light-assembly products, and we've developed a better online tool to do it," states Eddie Silverberg, President of Flexible Assembly Systems, Inc. Now, online visitors can quickly scroll through specific types of pistol grip screwdrivers, impact wrenches, calibration systems, Zimmerman hoist systems, etc., and find the specifications they need.

"We receive many requests about proper torque ranges for an assembly tool, weight specifications for tool balancers, or what type of power bit to use with a certain application. Everyone's assembly need is different, and our online tool answers common questions," Silverberg says. The new site also contains helpful technical resources like a torque conversion calculator, types of joints, assembly demonstration videos, and PDF downloads of the latest CDI Torque Products, Makita Cordless Assembly Tools, Zimmerman Handling Systems, and Ingersoll Rand Assembly Tools catalogs.

About Flexible Assembly Systems, Inc.

Flexible Assembly Systems has been working together with firms requiring light-assembly solutions since 2003. The company’s product list is extensive, and includes assembly tools, automotive tools, torque products, bits and fastener systems, and material handling systems.

For additional information, contact:
Eddie Silverberg, President
Flexible Assembly Systems
800.696.7614, x25

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