Nitto Kohki DLV30SP-LKU | Inline Electric Screwdriver, 3.5 - 26.6 in lbs, 1200 rpm, Push-to-Start

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Technical Specifications
Min Torque - In lbs3.5
Max Torque - In Lbs26.6
Min Torque - Nm0.4
Max Torque - Nm3
Free speed - rpm1200
Drive Size1/4'' hex
TypeElectric Screwdriver
Start TypePush-to-Start
Weight - lbs1.54
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Nitto Kohki-Delvo DLV30SP-LKU

Dlv30 Lku Series Inline Electric Screwdriver, 17.7-39.9 In-Lbs.

The Nitto Kohki Delvo brand of electric screwdrivers has been around for over 25 years. Proven reliability and an extremely durable design, Delvo offers the most versatile tools in the industry.

  • Delvo responds to the needs of cell production systems with space-saving screwdrivers.
  • Intended for miniature Screws #3 or less (1.0 - 2.6 mm)
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Vacuum pickup attachment available (Additional accessory)
  • The controller is designed to be lightweight and space-saving size.
  • Clear disengagement of clutch (shock-less mechanism unavailable)
  • Grounded bit system standard (within a built-in 1 Mega ohm resistor)
  • Improved start lever
  • Precision holder reduces bit movement during use.
  • Complied with EN1000015-1DLV5820U
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