Delta Regis DR95-10006, CAL36/4 Torque Screwdriver - micrometer adjustable, 2-36 lbs.

Technical Specifications
Min Torque - In Lbs2
Max Torque - In Lbs36
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Delta Regis DR95-10006

Cal36/4 Torque Screwdriver - Micrometer Adjustable, 2-36 " Lbs.

Many fastener connections in service and industry need to be tightened to a precise torque to guarantee secure fastening. Our adjustable torque screwdrivers can be adjusted in fine increments allowing for controlled tightening. A graduated scale on the shaft of the screwdriver indicates the selected torque setting.

  • Clutch releases automatically when preset torque is attained - no over-torquing
  • Anti-backlash design for repeatability
  • Can be used in both right and left hand directions
  • Accuracy is +/- 6% of indicated value (meets or exceeds ANSI B107.14M and ISO 6789)
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate provided with each tool
  • 1/4" hex bit holder
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