Dumpster Prop® with ergonomic grip

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  • Dumpster Prop® with ergonomic grip
  • Dumpster Prop® with ergonomic grip
  • Dumpster Prop® with ergonomic grip
  • Dumpster Prop® with ergonomic grip
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The Problem: Transferring trash bags into dumpsters places increased strain on both the shoulder holding the lid up as well as the arm lifting the bag, unless lid is supported another way.

The Solution:
 The Dumpster Prop® is a prop support device for sanitation workers and custodians when loading dumpsters. The Dumpster Prop® prevents injury by lifting the lid of the dumpster, and propping it open. The device is lightweight, and can be carried with ease.

The Dumpster Prop is the solution to an age old problem. The Dumpster Prop® frees both hands of the worker and allows them to dispose of trash. Without it the workers are forced to use one hand to hold the lid and the other to swing the trash into the dumpster thus creating the potential for work related injuries.

The Dumpster Prop® with ergonomic grip features a durable metal design. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and provides instant relief to the worker. The Dumpster Prop® is already being widely used by major universities and janitorial services.

*Ideal for use with trash & cardboard / recycle dumpsters.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Dumpster Prop® we will refund your money.

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