Quicher FM3630 | ORK feeder, screw presenter, 3.0 mm screw diameter with AC adapter

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Quicher FM3630

Ork Feeder, Screw Presenter, 3.0 Mm Screw Diameter With Ac Adapter

The desired number of screws can be supplied simply by setting the screw counter. Set the number of screws you wish to receive from the screw dispenser; the ORK Feeder will give you the exact number of screws. The Screw Dispenser can speed up your manual screw tightening operation.
  • 25mm (1.0") Maximum Screw Length
  • Settable number of screws: 0 - 99
  • Count display: 0 - 9999
  • Escape signal terminal
  • Memory protection function (in case of power failure, etc.)
  • Interchangeable Rails - The Quicher can handle screws with 5 different diameters simply by changing the rail and disk-type rotary escaper.
  • Adaptable to Various Production Lines - The interchangeable rails, compact portable body, and easy installation method makes the ORK Feeder adaptable to various production lines.
  • Large Screw Storage Capacity - Up to 150 cc of screws can be stored in the ORK Feeder.

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