Mark-10 MKB200 | Ergonomics testing kit, 200 lb

Discontinued, replaced by Mark-10 Series 5 Force Gauges
Technical Specifications
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Mark-10 MKB200

Ergonomics Testing Kit, 200 Lb

  • Digital force gauge

    - Compact design, easy to hold

    - Measure in lb, kg, or N

    - Peak force capture for push and pull forces

    - Durable construction ensures longevity

    - Battery or AC operation

  • Double & Single Handles
    Non-slip rubber handles for good grip and consistent test results.

  • Padded Attachments
    Flat, curved, and square padded attachments mount directly to the force gauge for conducting musculoskeletal strength analysis.

  • Implements
    Rugged hook and flat adapter attach directly to the force gauge for conducting job task analysis and ergonomic analysis in push, pull, and lift forces.

  • Compatible with all Mark-10 test Stand grips
  • Small size
  • Reversible aluminum housing for hand use or stand mounting
  • Peak memory for tensile and compressive loads
  • Programmable automatic shutoff
  • Programmable default configuration
  • Push-button calibration
  • IPM - Intelligent Power Management system
  • Selectable units of measurement
  • Battery or AC operation
  • Same housing size for all capacities
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% of full scale ±1 digit
  • Safe overload: 150% of capacity
  • Battery life: 30 hours of continuous operation
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs (0.3 kg)
  • Environmental requirements: 40°F - 100°F [5°C - 45°C], <96% humidity (non-condensating)
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • CE mark
**Mk Series includes a Series MG digital force gauge, hand grips, padded attachments, NIST Certificate, carrying case, and accessories

**MKB Series
includes a Series BG digital force gauge, output cable, hand grips, padded attachments, NIST Certificate, carrying case and accessories
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