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Flexible Assembly Systems Launches New Torque Tester Site

San Francisco, CA, May 29, 2009 -- Despite the growing need for assembly with high torque accuracy, companies routinely fall out of ISO 9000 or internal quality metric compliance due to improper torque measurement. Recognizing the need for high torque accuracy, Flexible Assembly Systems has launched a new branch of the company solely focused on torque testing and calibration. As a licensed distributor for AIMCO, CDI, Mark-10, Ingersoll-Rand, and AWS, the firm will now have the widest variety of torque meters and expertise in the torque measurement market. The company's new Torque Testing Website focuses on providing effective torque solutions to manufacturing and assembly firms.

In the past, manufacturing and assembly companies have routinely fallen out of torque testing compliance, resulting in costly delays and product recalls. "Our customers have asked for the assembly tool, and a torque testing service to take care of them for the long haul. With our new initiative, customers can count on maintaining in-house quality," states Eddie Silverberg, President of Flexible Assembly Systems. Manufacturing firms have been forced to purchase expensive torque meters, often with unproven reliability. Flexible Assembly’s effort includes torque analyzers that offer 5 in oz to 5000 ft lbs of torque range, come within 0.25% accuracy, and include a full-time in-house torque calibration staff.

"Since manufacturing budgets are tighter this year, our clients are searching for ways to cut capital expenses, while still maintaining quality. Consumer electronics, automotive, medical device, and other industries depend on torque gauges for their fastening tools, and we have ways to keep their costs down," Silverberg says. The company recently launched a low cost portable torque tester priced under $1000. The company is rounding out its selection with new bottle cap torque testers for beverage companies. “With these new additions, we have the in-house inventory to quickly respond to the customer’s quality needs and torque requirements,” Silverberg states.

About Flexible Assembly Systems, Inc.

Flexible Assembly Systems has been working together with firms requiring light-assembly solutions since 2003. The company’s product list is extensive, and includes assembly tools, automotive tools, torque products, bits and fastener systems, and material handling systems.

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Flexible Assembly Systems
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