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Worker fatigue: Your most ignored productivity problem.

San Diego, CA, October 13th, 2009 – In the midst of manufacturing sector layoffs, firms in the light assembly and manufacturing spaces are being forced to do more with less. These firms are facing a struggle to maintain product quality, while looking at shrinking budgets for capital equipment and personnel. In Flexible Assembly’s continuing series of articles on manufacturing quality, Eddie Silverberg, CEO of Flexible Assembly Systems, a leading integrator of torque tools and equipment, gave one of his customers a teachable moment on worker fatigue.

#1- The problem: Misperception
Flexible Assembly provided a manufacturing demo of a screw presenter to the customer for use in a manufacturing process. “The technicians loved the screw presenter, but management wouldn’t buy it, because when they did a time and cost study, they couldn’t justify spending the money.” Eddie noticed that management was doing its productivity experiment at the beginning of the shift, so he asked the customer to design a more in-depth productivity experiment.

#2 – The productivity experiment
After looking at the issue, Eddie and management at the manufacturing plant decided on a time and cost study that measured worker productivity at the beginning, and the end of the shift. By doing so, the hope was to more accurately measure the consistency or change in worker productivity.

#3- The result: Hidden worker fatigue
The results of productivity experiment were staggering. “We were shocked at the difference in productivity. There was a huge gap between technician productivity at the beginning of the shift versus the end of the shift.” Management at the firm was now clearly behind keeping productivity high throughout the shift, and keeping the screw presenter in place. The experiment helped to clarify worker fatigue as a widespread issue in today’s manufacturing world. “Often times, a small expenditure like a screw presenter, torque screwdriver, or an electric screwdriver can make a huge difference in productivity,” Eddie advises. Taking a holistic approach to productivity can preserve the company’s budget, and significantly improve manufacturing quality.

Flexible Assembly Systems has been working together with firms requiring light-assembly ergonomic solutions since 2003. The company has specialized in offering an extensive ergonomic product list which includes Torque Screwdrivers, Electric Screwdrivers, Pneumatic Screwdrivers, Robotic Assembly, Torque Testers, Torque Wrenches, Screwdriver Bits, Torque Arms & Workplace Systems, and Material Handling Systems.

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