October 31, 2006 - Press Release |

Flexible Assembly Systems announces expansion into Mexico manufacturing market

Tijuana, BC, October 31, 2006 - Flexible Assembly Systems, a licensed distributor for Ingersoll-Rand, and AIMCO, has announced a major expansion into the Mexican light assembly marketplace. Its recent partnerships with manufacturing organizations in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and surrounding areas have established the company as a reliable bilingual source for electric screwdrivers, pneumatic tools, torque screwdrivers, and assembly tool accessories.

The firm recently added a full list of Makita cordless tools to its already robust list of light assembly tools. These tools may be important in manufacturing environments where pneumatic or electric sources may not be present. Because of the diverse list of tools offered for the manufacturing workplace, manufacturers in Mexico have found Flexible Assembly to be a natural choice. “Assembly firms and contract manufacturers in Mexico are always seeking a reliable partner for specific tools that give them freedom in the manufacturing workplace. Our recent partnerships confirm that we perform as an exceptional worldwide resource,” states Eddie Silverberg, President of Flexible Assembly Systems, Inc.

Critical fastening applications, ergonomic tools, and torque calibration are just as important in Mexico as they are in the United States. Flexible’s partnerships have enabled Mexican manufacturers to discover simpler solutions to local assembly concerns. “Torque analyzers, automated fastener systems, pulse tools, and material handling solutions have increased productivity dramatically for our Mexican partners”, says Silverberg. By focusing on exact assembly specifications, Flexible increases productivity and accuracy, and decreases ISO 9000, IS0 9001, and Six Sigma certification issues.

Flexible Assembly Systems has been working together with firms requiring light-assembly solutions since 2003. The company’s product list is extensive, and includes assembly tools, automotive tools, torque products, bits and fastener systems, and material handling systems.

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