All Flexible Assembly Items | AE-5681-ESD


Bit Shank 1/4 in

Free Speed 1000 rpm

Torque Range 3 - 17 in-lb

Torque Range 3.4 - 19.5 Kgf-cm

Length 9.3in Weight 1.2 lbs


  • Grounded Bit - The chuck assembly is grounded to route any existing charge to ground.
  • Carbonized Housing - Handle material and buttons are constructed of carbonized plastic throughout, enabling any charge received by the handle to be routed to ground.
  • Long-Lasting ESD Resistant Handle - Material will maintain its integrity for the life of the handle, unlike coatings or paints.
  • Direct Plug-In Style - Offers easy and convenient start-up... just plug it in
  • Torque cover included
  • Power Source: 220 VAC available on request
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