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Advanced Witness Series

Multi-Channell Readout

Testing of fasteners, joints, and joint compounds has never been easier. The AWS-9000 series tester is the most powerful and versatile of all our torque and load monitors. Small and light enough to hold in one hand, yet powerful enough for all your tool and fastener testing needs.

At the heart of the system is our unique, modular design built around our proprietary bus and software system. The AWS-9000 display can be configured to test 1, 2, 4 or more inputs, either individually or at the same time. The inputs can be displayed on the large 3.5" x 5" backlit LCD display. In addition, the optional output port can control a motor or other device for easy integration into a test system.

Once the inputs and outputs have been specified, control software can be added for practically any application. Because of the modularity of the system, and the library of test systems on file at AWS, Inc., special test configurations can be put together quickly and cost effectively.

Examples of applications where the AWS-9000 is most suitable include:

  • Metrology test labs where four transducers are "live" all the time, eliminating switch boxes.
  • Bolt load test systems, where multiple inputs need to be measured, and the data correlated for analysis.
  • Torque loaders (AWS-1000 Series,) for automated testing of wrenches and tensiometers.
  • Full custom test systems for component testing.

  • Bi-directional accuracy of ±0.5% of indicated reading with standard AWS transducers.
  • Over 20 standard engineering units covering torque, force, pressure, and distance.
  • 3 standard run modes: Track, Peak, and 1st Peak.
  • Memory storage for 10,000 data points or data sets (varies with number of inputs.)
  • RS-232 output: single or multiple channels can be selected.
  • Two inputs standard: all Intellect compatible.
  • Selectable power tool filtering speeds: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 1500Hz and 2000Hz.
  • Independent channel setup and data triggering.
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