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Delta Regis DR95-A7447P

25.0 - 50.0 In Lb Micro Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

More and more screw connections in service and industry have to be tightened to the prescribed torque. Only the exact torque guarantees a secure fastening as well as a fast and easy loosening.

The best tools for the job for these applications are our 7400 Series adjustable torque screwdrivers. These precise and efficient tools, which can be adjusted in fine increments, allow for controlled tightening. They are available in two handle styles to suit the required torque.


• Ergonomic handle provides better turning power with less effort resulting in more power and speed with less operator fatigue.

• Quick change bit holder accommodates insert and power bits

• Accuracy is +/- 6% (complies with EN ISO 6789)

• Calibration certificate provided with each tool Our preset models come preset to their lowest setting.


The torque values can be changed within the available torque ranges. Remove the cap at the top of the handle and adjust the setting nut with a nutsetter.

Check the adjusted preset torque value with a certified torque tester and reseal the tool with the cap. Preset adjustable torque screwdrivers are ideal for all applications which require consistently accurate, repeatable torque.

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