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Ingersoll Rand Inline Air Screwdriver, 3 - 40 in lbs, 1000 rpm, Lever Start

Inline Air Screwdriver, 3 - 40 in lbs, 1000 rpm, Lever Start, model# QS1L10S1D by Ingersoll Rand; available to order. Do you see this Ingersoll Rand Air Screwdriver available elsewhere for a lower cost? Contact Customer Service to price match!

QS1L10S1D by Ingersoll Rand

The Q2 Series Pistol Adjustable Shut-off screwdrivers have precise torque control and are great for applications involving plastics, composites and metals.


  • User Experience: The compact, well-balanced and lightweight design of these screwdrivers are optimal for user experience. Coupled with a two-finger trigger that reduces operator stress and interchangeable handles for various hand sizes, using these tools is a breeze.
  • Performance: High-speed, accurate and reliable, these screwdrivers will help you get your work done well.
  • Durable: These tools are built to perform time and time again.
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