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Ingersoll Rand Inline Air Screwdriver, 3 - 40 in lbs, 1000 rpm, Push-to-Start

Inline Air Screwdriver, 3 - 40 in lbs, 1000 rpm, Push-to-Start, model# QS1P10C1D by Ingersoll Rand; available to order. Do you see this Ingersoll Rand Air Screwdriver available elsewhere for a lower cost? Contact Customer Service to price match!

QS1P10C1D by Ingersoll Rand

The Q2 Series Inline Adjustable Cushion Clutch provides smooth disengaging at preset torque while minimizing vibration to the operator. And with skinsulate housing and an optimized design, this series is great to use in any application.


  • User Experience: With ergonomic, egg-shaped housing created for optimized operator comfort, as well as a compact, well-balanced and lightweight design, these screwdrivers will let you go the distance without slowing you down.
  • Speed: This tool’s high speed allows you to finish any job quickly and easily.
  • Durable: You can count on these screwdrivers fastener after fastener.
  • Performance: With superior accuracy and consistency, you’ll know that with these tools, you’ll be able to complete any job with ease.
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