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Ingersoll Rand SA024C-9-Q

Inline Air Screwdriver

The most accurate of all air screwdrivers, adjustable shut-off (or automatic shut-off) screwdrivers are designed for critical fastening applications involving plastics, composites, or metals that require precise torque control.

The final fastening torque is set by adjusting the compression of a clutch spring within the front section of the tool. This class of tools is recommended for hard or soft joints or for self-tapping or sheet metal screws provided tapping torque does not exceed the final torque.

Automatic shut-off tools also reduce air consumption and are the most ergonomically sound of all air screwdrivers.

Torque output: 3 to 40 in.-lbs ( .34 to 4.5 Nm ) Automatic Shut-off Clutch

  • Recommended for assembling where precise torque control is required.

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