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With every use, your tools loose torque accuracy.
Flexible Assembly offers the largest torque tester selections along with calibration you can count on for expert advice. Here are some common questions our customers ask about torque testing:

When do I know if I’m ready for a torque tester?

If 6 months have passed since your tool’s purchase, or it’s undergone some heavy short-term use, chances are, your tool is out of torque calibration.

What are important features to help me choose from torque testers?

Large Variety:  We offer torque analyzers from 5 In Oz to 5000 Ft Lbs of torque range. With that amount of torque range coverage, we can get you the right torque tester for your needs.
High Accuracy: You’re going to need very good accuracy to ensure your tool is calibrated. Our torque testers have accuracy to within 0.25%.
Quality:  Our torque testers include a standard 1 year warranty with some models offering up to 3 years of warranty coverage.
Lowest Price:  Flexible Assembly offers the lowest price on our torque testers. You’ll find one of our high quality models at below $1000.

How do I choose among torque torque testers for my calibration need?

You’ll first need to know the torque of your target application. You’ll notice that our torque analyzers fall into different ‘series’ groupings, with each series containing the same general product, with a different torque range. If you’re calibrating a torque tool, please note the manufacturer’s specifications.

Example: Our Ingersoll-Rand ES60P tool has a range of 4.0 - 17.0 In Lb, and your torque fastening application requires a torque of 10.0 In Lbs (plus or minus 0.1 In lbs, or within 1.0% accuracy). A smart choice would be our FAS-QCI series torque tester, with between 2.5 to 25.0 In Lbs of torque range.

How do I convert between different torque metrics of In Lbs and N-M commonly used in manufacturer specifications?

You’ll notice our torque calculator on all of our pages under the tab, Shop. This will allow you to convert between different the different metrics. Please note that we have an easy-to-use Torque Conversion Table in our Technical Resources page.

Are there other things I need to know about torque testers?

Flexible Assembly offers all the software, cables, and mounting hardware you’ll need, including technician advice to guide you through your torque tester’s setup. 

When should I send my tool into Flexible for in-house calibration?
If your tool needs repair or ongoing maintenance to maintain high accuracy or your tool needs NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certification, then in-house torque calibration may be the better option. If so, feel free to visit our Tool Service and Calibration page for instructions on how to do things in-house.

Any other questions about torque testers?
Please feel free to Contact Us or call us at (800) 696-7614

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