Filter Regulator Lubricator / FRL Units | Air Preparation Units

Filter – FIL
Water and dirt in your compressed air system will cause extensive corrosion damage and wear.

Atlas Copco filters are equipped with a cyclone system. Using centrifugal force, this separates out a high percentage of the heavier solid water particles, while the filter ensures that the amount of dirt entering your tool is kept to a minimum. This means longer working cycles for the tools and minimum service time.

Regulator – REG
Atlas Copco regulators ensure optimal flow at the specific flow rates required by Atlas Copco tools, or any other pneumatic tools.

Energy efficiency
By installing a regulator you will ensure that there will not be any unnecessary consumption of compressed air. The regulators reduce a variable primary pressure to a practically constant secondary pressure with a minimum of pressure drop.

The regulator will optimize the performance of your tool, ensure torque accuracy and boost productivity.

Lubricator – DIM
Atlas Copco oil lubricators ensure a long, efficient and trouble-free life for your pneumatic tools and components.

The use of a lubricator will increase the power in vane motors by about 10-15%.

The MIDI Optimizer is suitable for more than 90% of the Atlas Copco tool range and is the best choice for assembly tools, percussive tools, drills, nibblers and grinders up to Turbo. The MIDI Optimizer has a 1/2" NPT connection thread and a housing and bowl of high-tech polymer. The bowl has a highly chemical resistant polypropylene insert and the bowl is directly screwed to the housing for easy handling.

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