InteLIFT Pneumatic Balancer | IC Series Balancers

The Intelift control module is a compact, integral element of the balancer itself. No cumbersome remote add-ons are necessary. It provides simple programming of functions with a keypad and indicator lights, and confirms settings with an easy-to-read display window. The closed loop feedback system delivers responsive motion control and a wide range of application options for vehicle assembly, general industry, beverage and warehouse as well as textile and electronics industries worldwide.


  • Self-balancing - Intuitive speed control for a variety of different weights
  • Robust design - Electric controls plus air operation give you continuous duty cycle with minimal maintenance
  • Part Present sensor - Eliminates the potential to accidentally drop a part
  • Multi-speed capabilities - 3 speed selector enables speeds to match each application and operator comfort level

Operation Modes

  • Hoist mode (Lift & Lower) - Lift and lower is the default mode of the InteLIFT unit and allows the operator precision handling of variable weight loads
  • Float mode - Allows the operator to manually raise, lower and position “Float” a load with virtually no part weight or resistance to the operator
  • Pouring/Dump mode - Is part of the new “Intelligence” for balancers and allows dumping or pouring of material while maintaining load position and stability
  • Smart Drop mode - Allows for the automatic release of a load by a Handling Device once the load is lowered and no longer supported by the InteLIFT

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