Manual Torque Screwdriver | SM-Series


  • Adjustable torque screwdriver models offer versatility for applications that require more than one torque value. These torque screwdrivers are particularly suited for the electronics industry and for instrument assembly work. A simple, cam-over design prevents over-tightening and possible damage to components. 
  • Torque settings are easily and accurately changed with a unique adjusting knob and easyto- read window scale. Adjusting the screwdriver is simple. Just pull out the adjusting knob to unlock, turn to the desired setting, then push the knob in until it clicks! Positive locking knob makes accidental setting changes impossible.
  • Automatic lock in counterclockwise direction makes fastener removal a snap. The Micro-Adjustable series includes six models with torque settings ranging from 20 in. ozs. to 40 in. lbs.
  • 6 Models Available
  • Positive locking pull down adjustment knob
  • Trilobular Comfort Grip
  • Universal 1/4? Hex Bit Holder with Strong Rare Earth Magnet
  • Cam-over Torque Limiting Clutch
  • Easy-to-read window scale
  • Light weight ease-of-use
  • Automatic lock in Counterclockwise direction
  • Accuracy +/- 6% Clockwise direction, from 20- 100% of full scale
  • Individually serialized with matching certificate of calibration traceable to N.I.S.T.

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