Programmable Tools | Atlas Copco MT 400 Series MicroTorque Screwdrivers

The new, user friendly MT Focus 400 screwdriver system is easy to set up and use, bringing precision and quality to your tightening. The smart Auto-set functionality makes it possible to set torque directly from the front of the controller. The Basic version features one parameter set (p-set) where the program for tightening can be stored. The Advanced version features 3 p-sets, and is available with analysis and net ToolsTalk MT software.

Assembly problems eliminated!

The system provides clear operator feedback, with an intuitive display and buzzer providing visual and audio signals for tightening status. Torque and angle control ensure that assembly problems are detected and eliminated for full quality control. The MT Focus 400 controller is accompanied by state-of-the-art MT Digitork tools, both fixtured and handheld, bringing you a system that can be used on wide range of applications. All tools are ESD approved to comply with the standards of the industry.

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