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When trying to achieve simple manufacturing goals in a complex manufacturing world, we believe that taking control of and understanding the fastening process doesn’t have to be complicated. The new Ingersoll Rand® INSIGHTqc is different, by design. The INSIGHTqc controller is designed to be easy to use, easy to integrate, and provides a common platform to meet the global assembly needs of our customers. Simple enough that experts aren’t required, flexible enough that you can easily implement change, and capable enough that it will meet your requirements. This controller offers advanced tightening control and a simple user experience to improve efficiency on production lines, and get the job done right, every time.

The web-based software eliminates device dependencies and enables full programming capability with any device that can run an Internet browser, including smart phones, tablets or computers. The INSIGHTqc is easy to integrate with the manufacturing line, provides integrated logic controls for flexible control and helps reduce line rebalancing costs through a simple and intuitive user interface. Bottom line, the INSIGHTqc controller is a Simply Insightful solution.

Different by Design

Simple: Experts not required: Users will save on selection, training, and installation costs; reduce errors and downtime; & remove user dependencies

  • Intuitive visual programming interface
  • Plug & Play Accessories and Protocols
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Integrated Backup & Recovery
  • Bundled Controller Options
  • Context Specific Integrated HELP

Flexible: Easily Implement Change: Users will reduce line rebalancing costs, experience easy line integration, & remove device dependency

  • Web Based Programming- use any operating system via any browser
  • Meets current industry communication needs
  • Adjustable to meet any tightening control requirements
  • Integrated logic controls
  • Easy hardware and software upgrades

Capable: Meet your requirements: Get the job done right, every time; Assurance via traceability; Optimize your productivity

  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Industry leading cycle data storage
  • Robust audit and system logs
  • Advanced tightening strategies and features
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Integrated statistical process controls
  • Preventative maintenance alarms
  • Configurable email alerts

Optional accessories enhance the control and interaction between the operator and controller, including a barcode scanners, socket trays, USB-serial adapters, IO box, & light towers.

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