Programmable Tools | Kolver PLUTO Series Electric Screwdrivers

Kolver has developed the PLUTO (PLUs TOrque), these are DC-controlled electrical screwdrivers which are able to reach from 2.6 to 132 in/lbs of torque. The Pluto 03 series has a torque range of 2.6 to 25. Torque as low as 2.6 in/lbs can be reached on certain soft joints; testing on your specific joint is recommended. See the rest of the Pluto product line for additional torque capability.

The PLUTO operates by setting a torque and RPM profile on a controller, validated back to a separate transducer or torque tester. As a result a controller is necessary for the tool to operate (purchased separately). The PLUTO series offers innovative body design to reduce instances of carpal tunnel syndrome, and certified ESD-approval, according to SP Method 2472, to prevent and avoid electrostatic discharge. The torque profile includes the following parameter steps (units available for single and multi-torque applications):

  • slow start
  • adjustable speed
  • soft or hard joint option
  • high speed rundown
  • slow speed tightening to manage the moment of intertia
  • automatic reverse at cycle end
  • elapsed time auto-stop

IO included for torque reached signal and lever signal, remote start and reverse contacts Units Include:

  • Screwdriver with ESD-safe body
  • 8 ft controller connection cable
  • Suspension bail

NOTE:The heavy-duty cables and connectors, developed for robotic applications, are made of antistatic dissipative material for a safe use in ESD environment. PLUTO Screwdrivers all require a power controller before being used. If you do not have a controller for this tool, please order it today!


  • Always put a note to not use about 80% of torque continuously
  • You should note here that Torque and Angle versions available in Torque and Angle Section
  • You should note that a controller is necessary to operate the tool
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