Programmable Tools | Atlas Copco G4 Series MicroTorque Screwdrivers

Ultra low torque applications — starting at 0.5 Ncm — don´t need to be demanding. The MicroTorque range of electric screwdrivers from Atlas Copco has been designed to perform consistently and precisely time after time. Whether you are manufacturing high-value consumer goods or delicate electronics, the specification of the MicroTorque range has been carefully created to match your commercial needs, making micro torque more of a science and less of an art.

Optimized for assembly of low torque applications: watches, cell phones, cameras, car media, HDD and other electronics products. The MicroTorque screwdrivers is a durable range of handheld and fixture tools from 0.5 to 500 Ncm designed flexible assembly manufacturing and mass production handheld or automated assembly operations.


  • Up to 8 tightening steps
  • Up to 32 P-sets
  • Up to 16 Screw cycle sequences
  • Compatible with Digitork and transducerized MT tools

ToolsTalk MT:

  • User friendly programming over PC
  • Real time monitoring MT controller

ToolsTalk MT Analysis:

  • Trace analysis software
  • Trace overlay
  • Export function

ToolsTalk MT Net:

  • Data collection software
  • Torque and angle data related to date, time and controller/spindle serial numbers
  • Exports function to excel

* ETD M AXXX line: C - tool cable, V-integrated vacuum hose, B-reverse button, S- short lever, L- long lever.
* Complete system” (single ordering number) includes: Controller, screwdriver, tool cable, ToolsTalk MT, USB communication cable and power supply.
* For all models in the table declared noise and vibration emissions according to ISO 15744 and ISO 28927-2 are: sound pressure level <70 dB(A) and vibrations <2.5 m/s2.

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