Pulse Tool | Atlas Copco Low Reaction Pulse Tools

Choosing the right tool for low reaction tightening

Take care of quality tightening – while taking good care of the operator. Low Reaction Tools eliminate most of the reaction force, greatly improving operator comfort and delivering high speed tightening.

What is important in your tightening process?

Choosing the right tool is the first – and most important – step towards a perfect operation. Regardless of which of these three tools you use, you will have a well balanced ergonomically designed high quality tool. And choosing the right one will make the whole world of a difference for your specific needs.

If you are looking for a low reaction tool with maximum flexibility, high torque and the ergonomic benefits of having the lowest vibration on the market – a cordless and powerful Atlas Copco TBP is your tool of choice.

For low reaction tightenings with lower torque you have the choice of working with either the electric Atlas Copco Tensor SR, or the cordless Tensor SRB – both of them ergonomic, reliable and accurate.

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