Pulse Tool | Atlas Copco Pulsor C Series Pulse Tools

Atlas Copco's Pulsor C System gives you all the advantages of a controlled impulse tool, plus the intelligence of an electric fastening system. Like all Atlas Copco pulse tools, Pulsor C is fast, powerful, light and compact and generates virtually no reaction force. The controller remembers up to 4,000 tightenings that can be stored and analyzed. This enables you to fine-tune your process and ensure that every tightening in every shift is perfect. If they are not perfect, you can see why.
  • No missed screws – Pulsor C counts the tightenings and signals "Batch OK"
  • Forget stripped screws – Pulsor C ensures the screw has been tightened correctly
  • No wrong/forgotten parts – Pulsor C signals “NOK” if the wrong screw or part is used
  • Correct torque every time – Pulsor C controls the torque level
  • Good repeatability – get consistent tightening on hard and soft joints
  • Premature trigger-release warning – LEDs warn operator of interrupted tightening
  • Multiple P-set – one tool can perform up to 100 different P-sets. The right torque setting is selected by exchanging sockets, scanning barcodes and more.
  • High-speed tightening – Atlas Copco pulse tools are fast and powerful, helping to boost productivity.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Hot swap – you can change the tool or cable without shutting the system down because the tool shut-off is located in the Tool Control Box instead of the tool. No new settings in the tool are needed.

(a) To be used as a guide only, final torque depends on type of joint, accessories used and air pressure.
(b) Female hexagon drive. Quick change chuck.
(c) Torque is adjusted by regulating the air pressure.

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