Pulse Tool | Ingersoll Rand QXP Series Pulse Tools

Ingersoll Rand combines the power, speed and ergonomics of the pulse tool with the sophistication of a torque transducer and microprocessor to create a more powerful, convenient and accurate fastening system. The closed-loop system offers all the advantages of a pulse tool, while providing advanced torque control and data output typically found in a DC fastening system. The new angle encoded series includes the ability to monitor the fastening angle during the tightening process.

  • Strain gauge on output shaft and close to the socket for more accurate measurement of torque.
  • Non-contacting pickup reduces signal noise, improving torque repeatability.
  • Angle monitoring available
  • Torque readout.
  • End-of-run data.
  • Operator visual and audible notification.
  • I/O signals for line control.
  • Simple programming for fast and easy set-up.
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