Rail Systems | MRHA4035

Knight Industries MRHA4035

C-Channel Bolt-On Load Hanger With Rail Clamp Assembly

  • Suspends Knight RAD4110 or RAD7510 Aluminum Rail.
  • Attaches to all C-Channel or Angle Iron.
  • Requires cross drilling through the Knight rail.
  • Structural steel can be perpendicular or parallel to Knight rail.
  • Optional Safety Cable (RWA4133).
  • Load Hangers are manufactured from commercial grade pickled and oiled hot rolled steel with a tensile strength of 49 ksi and a yield point of 30 ksi.
  • All load hangers are coated with an environmentally friendly corrosion protection (Autophoretic ACC 800).
  • Fits All Structural Support Flange Sizes
  • Direct or Offset Loads
  • Fixed Height Load Hanger
  • Product Weight: 3.5 lbs [ 1.59 kg]
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