Torque Reaction Arm | Atlas Copco GHP MicroTorque Arms

Atlas Copco GHP torque arms for Micro Torque range is an excellent means of assistance when using handheld or fixtured straight screwdrivers. The GHP torque arms is exceptionally easy to position and handle. The design is intended for low torque applications and work tasks over a long period of time. The GHP torque arms are delivered with appropriate balancing system to support the weight of the tool. With minimized reaction force of the tool you will also improve finished product quality because of no movement in tool and all torque is absorbed in the joint. The GHP torque arms also minimize cross threads because the tool will always be in a correct straight position.

  • Max torque 900 Ncm, Mini up to 100 Ncm and Small up to 200 Ncm
  • Balancing system included to remove the tool and arm weight from the operator
  • Minimize reaction force to prevent hand-arm-shoulder disorders
  • Improve finished product quality with all torque absorbed in the joint and no movement of tool
  • No cross threads because the tool will always be in a straight correct position
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