Torque Reaction Arm | Atlas Copco SMC Series Carbon Torque Arms

Atlas Copco carbon arms have a telescopic design that provides maximum flexibility in the workplace. Their light weight and smooth movement minimize operator effort. Used in combination with a balancer, the carbon arms can either retract upwards or hold the tool in a weightless position to improve operator comfort. The carbon arms minimize reaction force in order to prevent hand-arm-shoulder disorders. This also improves end-product quality since there is no movement of tool and all torque is absorbed in the joint.


  • Telescopic design for maximum flexibility in workplace

  • Light weight and smooth movements for operator comfort

  • Easy to use together with a balancer to create weightless solution for improved ergonomics

  • Minimized reaction force to prevent hand-arm-shoulder disorders

  • Minimized pinching, can replace reaction bars

  • Improved end-product quality since all torque is absorbed in the joint with no movement of tool

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