Torque Reaction Arm | Reaction Arms and Intelligent TLS Positioning Arm Systems

Torque reaction arms have been designed to eliminate the reaction that screwdrivers generate when they stop at the pre-set torque (Up to 442 in/lbs). Carbon (CAR) arms are lighter and more resistant thanks to their carbon structure.

CAR, LINAR and SAR XYZ arms are also available with TLS1 positioning system, which allows to operate only when the screwdriver is positioned on the correct screw. The system consists of a torque reaction arm with encoder and linear metering sensor + TLS1 Keypad for easy programming and monitoring + cable to be selected between code 260004 (for EDU2AE models and EDU1BL/SG) and code 260003 (for EDU1FR/SG).

100% made in Italy by KOLVER

A diameter reduction adapter (code 234545) is available for our PLUTO35 and PLUTO50 screwdrivers (ØD 2.24 in)

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