Tool Support Systems | Atlas Copco SMST Series Torque Arms

Atlas Copco swivel arms are built to handle the most demanding industrial situations. The robust design offers unmatched user-friendliness – a swivel function enables the SMS T-series to cover a wide working area. The swivel arms are equipped with ball bearings for smooth operation and an adjustable plate for adjustment of minimum and maximum working area. The swivel arms are supplied with a balancer that absorbs the weight of the arm and tool combination, thus reducing the weight for the operator. The arms minimize the reaction force of the tool to prevent hand-arm-shoulder disorders. This also improves end-product quality since there is no movement of the tool and all torque is absorbed in the joint.


  • Robust construction for long life and no forces transferred to operator

  • Balancer included to remove the tool and arm weight from the operator

  • Available from 5 Nm up to 100 Nm

  • Minimized reaction force to prevent hand-arm-shoulder disorders

  • Improved end-product quality since all torque is absorbed in the joint with no movement of the tool

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