Torque Nutrunner | ETC ST Crowfoot Nutrunner

Crowfoot nutrunners from Atlas Copco are certified for accuracy and durability by major car manufacturers. They are easy to choose, easy to set, and easy to operate.

Accurate every time: Hard or soft joint? You don’t need to think about it. The tool gives the torque you install, independent of joint variations and variations in air pressure and lubrication. The clutch shuts off at the same torque, tightening after tightening.

Highest productivity: Instant disengagement of the clutch keeps torque over-shoot to a minimum even on the fastest tools. Our new models were developed to meet the most extreme requirements on operational speeds.

As always, we kept operator comfort in mind. The tools are well balanced, slim and comfortable to handle. Reaction forces are extremely low.

Job verification: For remote indication of clutch release function the tools can be equipped with air signal outlet – RE. This is often used for counting the number of fasteners in a tightening cycle.
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