Torque Nutrunner | Atlas Copco QST Series Fixtured Nutrunners

Fixtured nutrunners from Atlas Copco are spelled QST or ETX. Both are designed for durability, reliability and high performance. 1 million duty cycles with accuracy of +/- 2.5%, make QST one of the most reliable tools on the market. QST nutrunners are compact and easy to integrate in fixtures or robots; both pilot mount and sandwich mount are possible.

QST nutrunners are pre-calibrated and tested before delivery. A built-in memory chip in the QST stores calibration values and general tool service data. This gives the advantage for QST that calibration value is independent of cable length and cable lengths up to 60m are allowed.

With the wide range of socket holder lengths, from 0-200 mm, the QST can handle most screw lengths and still ensure positive contact between socket and bolt during the tightening process. The socket holder is spring loaded and allows travel as the bolt moves away from the spindle body during tightening. The QST has a standard travel length of 50 mm. 76 and 100 mm can be provided upon request.

  • High reliability
  • Calibration value stored in spindle, calibration value independent of cable length
  • Hot Swap, replace cable or spindle without turning off the power
  • Robust connector
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