Torque Nutrunner | Makita BFL Series

Makita cordless tools are steadily emerging as the fastening system of choice within the Assembly & Manufacturing industries. While manufacturing processes were once dominated by air tools, manufacturers are recognizing the many advantages of using Makita cordless tools, such as, reduced energy costs, more freedom and increased safety at the workplace. To meet the needs of today's manufacturers, Makita has developed a full range of assembly and manufacturing cordless power tools that are designed for precise torque accuracy. Makita cordless tools are your cost saving solutions.


  • Exclusive Externally Accessible Brushes extend the life of the motor by up to five times by allowing for quick and easy servicing
  • Newly Developed Brush Material is commutator friendly for reduced sparks, allowing increased motor performance and reduced wear on the commutator
  • Thicker Armature Shaft will handle greater torque for heavy duty applications
  • More Armature Poles to create a stronger electrical current and generate more power
  • Dual Ball Bearings creates less friction and thus a smoother running motor than competitive motors that have one bearing and one bushing
  • Larger Fan for a cooler running motor and longer life out of the motor
  • Strategically Located Heat Sink in the cooling path of the motor to dissipate heat away from the switch
  • Thicker Gauge Lead Wires than the competition for more efficient current flow
  • Motor Design - Two-piece motor offers easy serviceability while delivering extreme performance

*Battery & Charger Not Included (Sold Separately)

Adobe-TN Click Here For Torque Accuracy Data

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