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Critical fastening duties are among the most essential tightening operations within industry today. So whether you’re in the business of assembling cars or trucks, tractors or harvesters, trains or planes, you need to be in control when it comes to production and quality assurance.

The Atlas Copco STwrench is much more than a standard transducerized hand-held nutrunner. Due to its modular design, you can build the STwrench to meet your exact requirements and create a tool that perfectly matches your applications. Use the STwrench for production to get full traceability for the entire tightening operation, including torque control, angle control and yield control. Configure your wrench to just tighten your joint with high torque accuracy. Or use it for quality control to check residual torque, to perform joint analysis, including joint behavior and stiffness, to set the correct tightening parameters for production and to test the reproducibility of joint stiffness on the benches.

With the STwrench you can build the functionality you need into your own tool. Choose three patented components – smartHEAD, RBU and the power supply solution to suit your exact requirements. Then add a fourth: the patented controller that is standard for all STwrenches. Due to the modular design of the STwrench, you can mix and match components to suit all types of applications. Use it as a basic stand-alone system or integrate it with Atlas Copco hardware and software. The STwrench is versatile enough to tighten hard-to-reach bolts using a variety of torque and angle strategies while providing complete traceability. Yet it handles quality control of residual torque just as easily as comprehensive joint analysis.

  • Modularity
  • Connectivity
  • Non length dependent
  • Unique residual torque detection strategy
  • Operator feedback
  • Easy to use
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