Torque Wrench | T-i Preset Series

CDI Pre-Set inch lbs torque wrench is designed for use on production lines and other applications where a specific torque is required for repetitive operations. The design, fabrication and materials used for CDI torque wrenches have been developed in coordination with major manufacturers in actual production use.


  • Featuring a durable, non-slip cushion grip
  • Uses universal round shank heads
  • Audible click and feel impulse torque control mechanism
  • Tamper proof torque setting for production line use
  • Torque values can be calibrated in English or Metric setting
  • Accuracy +/- 3%, of indicated value from 20-100% of full scale, clockwise directions
  • Meets or exceeds ASME B107.14M-1994, ISO 6789

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