Torque Wrench | Electronic Torque Wrench

  • Extended operation range and ft-lb, In-lb and Nm units.

  • Easy to use by production line or quality control inspector.

  • +/- 1% accuracy (of reading from 10-100% of maximum range).

  • Large easy to read digits.

  • Patented rotary bezel allows for easy viewing of the large display at any angle.

  • Non length dependent.

  • Pull on the handle any where and retain accuracy.

  • Three auto convert engineering units (ft-lb, in-lb, Nm)

  • Three way light system (yellow, green, red) with buzzer and target zone for obtaining the desired torque.

  • One button target torque setting.

  • Operates on standard 9 volt battery.

  • Replaceable torsion drive.

  • Built on durable chrome (not painted) body with nylon-6 rotary bezel and cover.

  • Ergonomically designed for user comfort.

  • Peak hold and track modes standard.

  • Durable platform without internal moving parts.
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