Torque Wrench | CEM3-G-BT Bluetooth Torque Wrench

  • Specialized Version of Standard Model CEM3-G, Digital Torque Wrench, which uses Bluetooth Technology to transmit data
  • Requires Bluetooth USB dongle connection to PC
  • Automatically saves torque data to PC without the limitations of cables
  • New "-G" Version features multiple unit of measure selection by keypad
CEM3-G-BTD (Duplex)
  • Two Way Communication between PC and Wrench
  • Setup a variety of target torque values & send information to wrench via wireless connection
  • Instantly send collected data back to PC
  • Includes transfer software with collection into Excel
  • Ideal for small cell assembly applications
  • New "-G" Version features multiple unit of measure selection by keypad

Please Note:
  • Communication distance varies depending on surrounding environment.
  • The LED lights up when communication between the CEM3-BT and receiving equipment is successful.
  • Bluetooth dongle readily available through retailers.  Contact Tohnichi for a referral if you require assistance with purchasing.
  • Tohnichi has acquired wireless certifications for USA, Canada, and various countries worldwide. Please contact Tohnichi for confirmation of your country's wireless certification
  • Certificate of calibration provided in SI units. Certificates in Metric or American units is available upon request for an additional fee

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