Electric Torque Screwdriver | CA Screwdrivers for Automated and Fixtured Applications

CA screwdrivers are designed for automated and fixtured applications.

They feature:

  • Aluminum body for easy and quick clamp
  • Special wiring for specific use with SG controllers with remote start and reverse and torque signal.

The PLUTO..CA/FN2 series incorporates the PLUTO DC-controlled electric screwdriver design, supplied in a inline aluminium housing for flange mounting applications. The DC motor and solid state controls of the PLUTO are ideal for automated high volume/ high duty applications.

KBL brushless screwdrivers are also available in /FN version.

Flange and telescopic spindle available together or separately.


  • Always put a note to not use about 80% of torque continuously
  • Important: You should note here that Torque and Angle versions available in Torque and Angle Section
  • Important: You should note that a controller is necessary to operate the tool (See PLUTO/MITO/NATO Controllers)
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