Electric Torque Screwdriver | FAB & RAF Electric Screwdriver Series

The FAB series electrical screwdriver units are our best sellers in the electronic industry. Their advanced ergonomic design, ease of use, high accuracy and durability have made these drivers the standard by which all others are measured. They are lightweight, compact, powerful and come standard with ESD-safe housing certified to SP method 2472 (Ericsson approved).

The torque is set externally: an adjusting nut controls output torque by changing the clutch spring compression. A reference scale will indicate the torque screwdrivers setting. The low voltage 30 VDC rare earth motor combines high performance and long life. Replacing the carbon brushes once a year is all you need for maintenance. The motor works in combination with a control unit. The electronic control circuit cuts the power supply to the motor in response to the clutch action, as soon as the pre-set torque has been reached.
Items that ship with this unit:

    ESD-safe body
    8 ft connection cable
    Suspension bail

NOTE: The heavy duty cables and connectors, developed for robotic applications, are made of antistatic dissipative material for a safe use in ESD environment. The FAB & RAF drivers all require a controller before being used. If you do not have a controller for this item, please purchase one today!
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