Electric Torque Screwdriver | Kolver NATO Series Electric Torque Screwdrivers

Kolver’s experience with current control technology has led to the creation of the NATO screwdrivers; the first ultra-low torque, truly accurate current controlled torque driver designed for applications in which torques below 50 Ncm are required, especially in the mobile industry. The NATO features an innovative electric motor coupled with planetary gearboxes, producing extremely low inertia and minimal friction for long life, and very accurate torque production. NATO Series is available with torque only or torque and angle capabilities.

NATO screwdrivers range in torque from 1 to 50 Ncm, and feature an ESD-safe housing and cord set or aluminium body (20mm diameter), for fixture mount applications. Drivers are inline style, with a lever start actuation. NATO systems are available with our 8 P-set programmable controllers for maximum versatility. Foot pedals are available in cases where the operator would like the convenience of manual operation with the NATO/CA series.


  • Always put a note to not use about 80% of torque continuously
  • You should note here that Torque and Angle versions available in Torque and Angle Section
  • You should note that a controller is necessary to operate the tool
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