Electric Torque Screwdriver | Ingersoll Rand Versatec Screwdrivers

  • Torque Range: 0.26 – 60.0 in-lbs (0.5 – 4.5 Nm)
  • Speeds: 300 – 2,000 rpm
  • Torque Readout Window - This convenient feature provides instant confirmation of torque output setting. Removable Contoured Flange 
  • Torque Adjustment Cover - The contoured, slanted flange follows the shape of the user?s hand and doubles as a torque adjustment cover. It solves the problem of unauthorized torque setting changes. With the VersaTec Screwdriver, only a technician using a special tool can reset the torque from the exterior. Yet the cover itself is removable, a convenience when it comes to repair or for torque adjustment by hand.
  • Soft Touch Grip - The unique, egg-shaped grip allows users to hold the tool comfortably without excess force. Engineered to fit almost every hand size, the grip is made from a composite material that provides a soft texture and maintains a relatively constant temperature for comfort and control throughout a shift
  • Brush Replacement Light - The brush replacement light illuminates while the tool is rotating to indicate service required at the next shift, promoting good tool maintenance.
  • Easy Forward/Reverse - Only one hand is needed to change direction. The forward/reverse toggle is easily accessible, activated smoothly by either the left or right hand. Competitive models require two-handed changes in direction.
  • Innovative Cord Connector - Easy Removal: The electric power cord, available in a straight or coiled version, is easily detached from the tool by loosening the threaded retainer. Dual Positioning: The cord can be attached either at the top or the side. This means that in whatever position the tool is being used, the cord stays out of the way of the operator and the work.
  • Two-Finger Lever - The two-finger lever distributes pressure and provides notable ergonomic benefits in continuous use applications.
  • 1 Year Warranty (Parts & Labor
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