Pneumatic Screwdriver | LUM Inline Screwdriver

LUM models have a fast and accurate shut-off clutch for smooth performance and high quality tightening.
They are suitable for joints with demands on torque accuracy, providing accurate tightening time-after-time, independent of variations in joint stiffness. Electro Static Discharge (ESD) approved models and RE models are available in this range. RE models enable a signal to be received from the tool, in order to control batch count. All RE models need to be combined with an external RE control system. Shut-off tools are the best choice for machine screws, thread-rolling screws and thread-forming screws for plastic.
  • Designed with ergonomics in mind.
  • Supplies the accuracy demand for each application. 
  • Certified for torque accuracy throughout its entire service life.
  • Easy to service and is supplied with comprehensive documentation.
  • Built to last in industrial environments. 
  • Based on many years of experience in tool design.
  • Backed by a technical support organization unequaled in the industry.
*RE reporting models are available, designated with suffix –RE. Soft stop options are available, designated with the suffix "SS".
*Front end 12.5 mm (4210 3918 01) included.
*Optional front end 21 mm (4210 3918 02).
*Air inlet thread M5. Nipple and coupling included accessory for all LUM 02 models, hose size diameter 6 mm.
*ESD approved: LUM10/12/22 SR/PR
*All mod els: Are reversible and have quick change chuck.
*SR-models have ring reverse control.
*PR-models have push button reverse.
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