Torque Tester | AUET-Series

Perfect for Clutch Drivers and Pulse Tools!
Verify torque settings and repeatability of hand tools, power tools, and pulse tools.

Quickly, easily and precisely check the torque on your tools with Auditor™ AUET and AUET/MTM torque testers from AIMCO. The Auditor™ Series enables you to adjust your tool on hard, medium or soft joint rates. Auditor™ testers are available in single (AUET) or dual (AUET/MTM) transducer styles to provide flexibility and true value for your testing budget. Using torque measurement equipment before assembly is typically used for tool setup and tool capability studies. For tool setup, the tool crib will want to set the tool close to the torque required by the application. For tool capability studies, one can ensure that the tool can provide the necessary torque with required repeatability.


  • Adjustable auto-clear feature
  • Keylock security prevents unauthorized programming changes
  • Provides data output to computers or serial printers via serial communication
  • Uses AC power or NiMh batteries
  • Multiple transducer models available with any combination of two standard transducers from 100 in-oz to 1600 in-lbs
  • MTM models supplied with external transducer port
  • Verify torque settings and repeatability of hand tools, power tools, and pulse tools
  • Easy and convenient to use with one button operation
  • Push-button zero to quickly re-zero instrument reading
  • Four modes of processing torque signals:
    Peak: Records & displays highest torque peak
    First Peak: Records & displays first torque peak
    Track: Displays all torsional strain applied to transducer in real time (no memory)
    Pulse: Records accurate peak value achieved by hydraulic pulse tools
  • Repeatable joint simulator included
  • Selectable engineering units with 8 available scales
  • Selectable frequency response provides filtering for testing different types of torque tools
  • Internal memory capable of holding 999 points of data
  • Simple onboard statistical calculations: X Bar, STD deviation, Cp & CPK
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